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Terms and Conditions

Website Ownership or Script Rights

Blue Classy is a paid or premium classifieds script which is a hosted script and we do not provide any of the codes rights or ownership to any of our customers. Well, our customers are free to use our script as long as they are paying monthly subscription fees without violating content policy or without violating legal guidelines. Because we are providing a pre hosted classified script our customers are safe to use because the domain rights will be always at the owners end because the domain it the property of the classified website owner.

Content Policy and its usage

Before purchasing any of our packages you should be aware of using it for safe purpose because our hosting provider has several content guidelines which you will have to follow.

Hosting Policy

Hosting any image files is permitted unless it violates any copyright laws or storing illegal images, disturbing images or any images that violates any type of policy or law will be prohibited. Immediate removal of those types of content or images will be required by our customers to maintain a safe environment for the users as well as our hosting provider.

Legal Policy

In any cicumtances the script rights will not be transferred or any codes will not be changed without the permission of the Blue classy team or the owner of blue classy. Removing footer note is also part of the legal policy because this script is fully owned by the blue classy or m11. In team and no other person can intentionally or accidentally acquire the property of m11. In or blue classy.

Fraud or Damage

We and our classifieds script are not liable for any damage or fraud that any of our customers do without our knowledge whether it is intentional or accidentally. The web site owner will be liable to maintain such content or any environment on their website and strict action can be taken against him customer except us or our classifieds script. We will not tolerate any damage or frauld to our blue classy, m11. In or our classifieds script or our reputation. In that condition we have full rights to suspend the website, without any notice if such illegal activity was detected on any of our customers websites and no refund will be provided to the customers.

Cancellation Policy

Well, as a customer, you have a right to cancel an order at any time and if you do not find it on the website you might hesitate to buy classified website. But it is not the case with blue classy because you can purchase classified website without any hesitation because we have provided a full refund policy. Once you place the order you have 2 days to cancel your order and get a full refund if needed, but the refund policy is applicable before your website goes live, Once your website is live we will not provide any refund to you.

Refund Policy

Once you cancel your order, your refund amount will be created in the original mode of payment within 7 to 10 working days. The amount should reflect in your original mode of payment within the given time, if this does not happen, you can always contact us or reach out to us through the Contact US Form or Reach out to us through Email - [email protected].