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Privacy Policy

Privacy of Website Data

Well, we at Blue Classy or M11. In always take care of the privacy of our customers data safety, hence we have built our system so nobody else could interfere with the data on the website without telling the customers. The data privacy also applies to the data sharing part because we strongly believe because we are providing no script rights, but the data of our customers still remains there.

Agreement between Blue Classy and Our Customers

Well, Our classifieds script allows our customers to build their classified website and our customers must comply with our website terms and conditions which is why it is important to understand that we are hosting our customers website on our server running their website with our blue classy classified script. The agreements remain active until the customer pays monthly subscription fees, but even after cancelling their subscription our teal will provide them their data in appropriate format without disclosing our database structure or our website codes.

Designed by Blue Classy footer note

Designed and developed by Blue classy clearly tells that this script belongs to the blue classy and and this classified script is a property of blue classy and team. For any reasons if our team removes this line this script still be the property of the blue classy and